Uchi’s Community Table: “ A Thing You Shouldn’t Miss”

12 Sep

Finally, after months of waiting and praying, Uchi decided to invite me in to their much coveted community table. Whew! I had to beg them to let me in (just kidding). Well, I told them it was my birthday month and if they would let my hungry stomach indulge in this one of a kind gastronomic experience. Thank you Uchi!

Every month, the staff shops around for local meat, fish, and seasonal harvest, that they can showcase the next Monday (the 2nd Monday of the month to be exact). Uchi is a modern Japanese restaurant but the community table is an exception. The chefs can actually cook whatever they want for this event. For the month of September, they decided to feature creations from two of their sous-chefs. I don’t remember their names (and I do feel bad about it) but these guys are amazing and their dishes just blew me away! It probably is my best 6-course meal ever!

Me and M were courteously greeted by a glass of wine as we entered the restaurant. The restaurant’s sleek yet minimalist interior offers guests this modern and cozy feeling. Uchi also features a sushi bar where you can see the “itamae” (sushi chefs) flawlessly create sushi and sashimi.


Their take on “root salad”

Anyway, dinner started with a “root salad” that featured beets, shaved carrots, crème fraiche dressed with Asian vinaigrette. What a fresh start to a meal! One thing I need to tell you, everything I ate in this dinner was superb and I loved every bite of it. I wish I knew more about food so I can give you a luminous description of dish. I would suggest signing up for the next one and personally immersing yourself into this savory experience.


Next was their take on chicken and waffles. It was like small bite size chicken pieces with this light cream sauce that perfectly blended with it. The cookie on top is I guess the “waffle” but it tasted more like a butter cookie for me, but I loved it. And oh, did I tell you that this plate had bacon pieces with it making it more heavenly.


Our third plate consisted of a piece of grilled scallop in a cream sauce. But this scallop was nothing like you have tasted before. It felt like a bacon infused scallop—it was just so tasty and we really enjoyed every bit of it although I hope they did give us three more pieces.


After those plates, they gave us a parsley sorbet as the palate cleanser. Next on the list is the Carolina gold rice topped with a half cooked quail egg, mushrooms, black truffles, and herb that is just bursting with lime flavor. I don’t know what it’s called so if someone can shine the light on this. It looks like a stalk but taste wise; it feels like you’re eating a bunch of ‘lime caviar’.


Our main course was roasted quail with squash and six types of mushrooms that I cannot even name. It was served in a wooden plate that was meant to share for all ten of us in the table. The quail was seasoned to perfection and the mushrooms where just a party in the mouth. This dish was also served with a spinach puree that blended well with the earthiness of the dish.


For dessert, we had two plates. Yes, you heard it right. First, we had this rose infused white chocolate drizzles that was shaped like a funnel cake, sprinkled with cardamom powder, and then topped with grapefruit sorbet and several grapefruit pieces. This sweet and citrusy dessert is a match made in heaven!




We ended our meal with a deconstructed orange pecan bread pudding finished with homemade coffee ice cream on top! This meal is definitely worth your $45/pax. That meal was divine and I would like to thank Uchi for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Arigatou gozaimasu!


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