Boudro’s Texas Bistro: A Tex Southwest Gem Along San Antonio’s Riverwalk

13 Apr

Last March, me and M decided to take an out of town trip to San Antonio for our 2nd wedding anniversary celebration— and I’m so glad we did. I guess I needed a break from all the craziness at work and just a breather. For the past few months, me and M are going through this LDR all over again for a better future. Don’t worry, I am not going to talk about our love story in this blog as I try to make those moments personal and this blog is all about my gastronomic adventures. Our 3-day vacation in the state’s historic city has been very productive—we just ate our hearts out!

Boudros' sign by the Riverwalk

Boudros’ sign by the Riverwalk

  • Name: Boudro’s Texas Bistro
  • Address: 421 E. Commerce, San Antonio, Texas

It was a nice, cloudy, and breezy day in San Antonio. Me and M decided to walk along the cobble streets of the Riverwalk, feeling the wonderful romance of the arched stone bridges, and feasting our eyes to the lush landscapes. Boudro is a one of a kind Riverwalk experience that you don’t want to miss. As we approached the restaurant’s façade, we were greeted by a friendly hostess who happily seated us at outside along the riverbank. It was outdoor dining at its best!

Prickly Pearly Margarita

Prickly Pearly Margarita

To start off, I decided to order their signature drink, “prickly pearly margarita” (and oh boy, I wasn’t disappointed!). It is a complicated concoction of tequila, triple sec, freshly squeezed lime juice, and a layer of prickly cactus pear puree. I loved the drink and I would go for seconds, but then it was lunch time and I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. M decided to go for the “hurricane”, a cocktail made from Bacardi, Myers, rum and tropical fruit juices. This “hurricane” was just too much for an amateur like me.

The Hurricane- it definitely is deadly!

The Hurricane- it definitely is deadly!

I have been reading a lot of reviews about this restaurant and I decided to order what most of the people in Yelp suggested—chips and the freshly made guacamole, blackened prime rib, and duck three ways. I got the blackened prime rib and M decided to try the duck recipe (yes, it was his first time trying duck and he loved it!). The guacamole was made on the tableside, and you can also customize the taste and ingredients. Just ask the waiter to add more pepper, tomatoes, chili, or spices.

Freshly made guac! T'was too good I took a picture when we're halfway through it

Freshly made guac! T’was too good I took a picture when we’re halfway through it

The blackened prime rib was a house specialty—a heavenly piece of well seasoned, lightly spiced slab of meat topped with “Boudreaux” butter, and served with rosemary potatoes and roasted vegetables. I got mine medium rare of course and it was divine! It was the best prime rib I have ever had, no doubt about that. It was a good chunk of meat and I definitely finished all of it. By the way, I’m not really a steak lover but I sure did enjoy every bit of this meal up to the last bite.

Blackened Prime Rib oh yeah!

Blackened Prime Rib oh yeah!

M got the duck three ways made up of a soy espresso glazed duck confit served with huckleberry orange sauce, smoked duck enchilada, and a crispy duck springroll.  This meal also came with jalapeno corn pudding. It was an explosion of flavors on this plate—the French, Chinese, and Mexican renditions of duck. This was indeed culinary heaven.

Duck Three Ways-- A Subtle yet Succulent Marriage of different cuisines

Duck Three Ways– A Subtle yet Succulent Marriage of different cuisines

Rating: 10/10. Whenever you drop by San Antonio, please drop by this Riverwalk pride. You won’t regret the food and the experience. Although it is a bit pricey, it is definitely worth the bang in your buck!


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